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With an orchard of 20 full-time engineers, project managers, UX/UI designers, and QA specialists, SHOT boasts an impressive slate of employees seasoned in global logistics. We are adaptable and well-prepared to meet all kinds of challenges, especially since the seniority of the team averages out to a whopping eight years of experience. In particular, employees pay close attention to detail, knowing that minor missteps can bloom into bigger issues further down the path. Speaking more about the culture at a company connected across the globe.

With a sweet technology stack that comprises AWS Lambda, TypeScript, AWS, Redis, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, React.js, and Spring, SHOT has a programming language for every flavor of project, especially when it comes to artificial intelligence, machine learning, and web apps. The team strives to go above and beyond client expectations, describing their approach of software craftsmanship.

Cultivating this level of meticulous focus in the office allows for successful products that are flawless in both front-end and back-end performance, and the complexity of a project does not phase a team so well-versed in the various challenges of tech development. Our tech expertise makes us a great fit for firms that are after building projects from scratch, team augmentation, project handovers, or support and maintenance.



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We know, it's all over the place but we believe in that. We're hard working to provide you the best QA approach adjusted to your needs.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing

Base on our experience we can help you with building and refactoring your software solution and utilize full power of modern cloud services. We're all in AWS, Azure or GCP

Intelligent Crawlers Scrapers

Extended Reality

Movement toward virtual world has been dominant for many years. Recent events only increased it's pace. We can bring it to your business reducing the costs and increasing profits.



If you are looking for an advice about software architecture or strong guidelines how your idea should evolve and what technologies should use - let us know. Software is a process and we know how to make the most from it

Hosting & Maintenance

Hosting & Maintenance

We can help you choose the best hosting provider and configuration that would fit your requirements. We can automate and shorten the process from code to operational software.



We are not outsourcing company. If you have an software idea, looking for long term cooperation with people you can trust - we are here for you. We can support you with our knowledge & skills to build your dream.

Project management

Project management

If you are looking for project leader and project management - contact us to get more details

Among the others




  • Java / J2EE
  • Groovy / Grails
  • Python / Django
  • Scala / AKKA
  • Spring
  • ElasitcSearch / Redis


  • JavaScript
  • React.js
  • Node
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Wordpress
Big Data

Big Data

  • Cloud Service
  • BigTable / DynamoDB
  • R Project
  • GCP / BigQuery
  • Kinesis
  • AWS Cloud
  • NLP


  • Blockchain
  • Serverless
  • Metaverse
  • Terraform
  • VR / AR
  • Mobile Apps
  • Unity

Portfolio that we are proud of


Platform for Leading Cyber Threat Intelligence Company

Open Tangerine Software House has successfully implemented the platform into the marketplace. They've met all of the client's expectations thus far and the workflow is streamlined to create designated points of contact. Remaining transparent about issues, they meet demands on time. Read More

Projects for Media & Entertainment Software Company

Despite a nine-hour time difference, Open Tangerine Software House’s development team was highly responsive and reactive to issues or problems. They provided imaginative solutions as opposed to blindly following requirements. Read More

Software & Research for AI Startup

Open Tangerine Software House leverages their keen technical acumen and skill to incorporate cutting-edge tools into a flawless end product seamlessly. The results of their work secured success for the company. They smoothly managed the project and communicated responsively. Read More

WordPress & Assessments for Consulting Company

The website conveyed a positive image of the company and the assessment enhanced its services. Although Open Tangerine could communicate more precisely about requirements, their solid project management and affordable pricing made them an effective partner. Read More

Design & Development for Health Care Platform

Open Tangerine Software House helped to deliver a successful product that has generated positive feedback as well as support for future investments. The team was accessible and provided quick responses to inquiries. They were transparent, which enabled a successful engagement. Read More